Facing Cancer Alone: How to Cope With Ovarian Cancer Amid COVID-19

The spread of the COVID-19 in the United States has forced many to make drastic changes to their lifestyles. From sheltering in place to adhering to social distancing requirements, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who has not been impacted by this new coronavirus. This pandemic has put many people out of work and left them in need of financial help. Some people, including cancer patients and the elderly, have to manage an increased risk of getting critically ill as a result of the virus.

When battling ovarian cancer, it’s nice to have a support group to lean on and accompany you to medical treatments. However, you’re at higher risk for the coronavirus, so you must isolate. You will attend treatments alone, and if you are hospitalized, it will be without your family coming to sit with you. Continue reading to learn ways to cope with cancer during this COVID-19 crisis.

It is vital for both you and your loved ones to stay in close contact even though you cannot physically be together. Texts and phone calls help to stay connecting, but using apps like Facetime or Google Duo can allow you to see each other and maintain a more intimate connection. Being able to see someone’s face when you talk to them makes a significant difference.

Battling ovarian cancer while also isolated and trying to stay safe due to the COVID-19 crisis presents an extremely stressful situation that is only compounded by financial problems caused by the crisis. There is financial assistance for ovarian cancer patients to alleviate the financial stress that may complicate the situation. American Life Fund is a settlement company that offers financial assistance to cancer patients by buying out their life insurance policies for lump-sum payments. By selling your life insurance policy, you can have the money today that you need to get through this stressful time in your life.

While staying connected with friends and family can do a lot to keep your spirits up, depression and anxiety are common while battling cancer. Having to battle cancer while in isolation due to the COVID-crisis is something many have never had to face before. Teletherapy allows you to meet with a qualified counselor over a secure network for one-on-one counseling sessions. Therapy Group of NYC is offering teletherapy for both their current clients and new clients.

Due to the remote nature of the service, you do not need to reside in NewYork City to reap the benefits. You can connect with a counselor from your home or medical facility. Teletherapy offers an excellent opportunity to talk to someone qualified to help you develop the tools needed to combat feelings of hopelessness, confusion, and anger that often accompany anxiety and depression.

Another way to cope with ovarian cancer during this uncertain time is to connect remotely with support groups. There are nearly endless resources, information, and support groups for women battling ovarian cancer. You can connect with other women going through the same thing through remote support groups, online forums, and social media. For many, simply knowing you are not alone and other people are facing the same challenges, you are int hat moment can provide strength.

Laughter and creative outlets are essential to healing. Using your mobile device to read, listen to music, follow medications, and watch funny videos may sound like a waste of time and energy, but it is helping you heal. Numerous studies have been conducted supporting the fact that laughter is good for your health by reducing stress and giving your body a chance to heal. One study even suggested participating in laughing yoga, which you can find videos for on YouTube.


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