3 Tips for Preventing Oral Cancer

Sadly, over 50,000 people develop this form of cancer every year, according to the American Cancer Society. Keeping your mouth healthy is the best way to prevent oral cancer. It also is crucial to know the signs and take action when you see any form of symptom.

Oral cancer occurs when cells in your mouth develop mutations in their DNA. These mutations then cause cancer cells to multiple and turn into tumors. These tumors also can spread to other parts of the body if they aren’t detected early on.

Oral cancer can develop due to many things. It can also be a combination of lifestyle choices. There are ways to remain on top of your mouth help and prevent oral cancer.

Here are some preventative tips to avoiding oral cancer:

Use Your Dentist to Your Advantage by Scheduling Regular Appointments

Taking preventative action means getting your teeth cleaned and evaluated on a regular basis. Talk to your dentist about any concerns whenever you head in for a six month checkup. You can request certain specialty cleanings. There are also preventative oral hygiene services that can decrease your chances of getting oral cancer. This is a great way to keep your entire mouth healthy and looking great. The chances of your mouth being healthy are way higher if you take this time out of your schedule to see a specialist. They also can detect signs of oral cancer and help you navigate your mouth health more effectively!

These institutions also usually have a complete record of everything that happens. If you see a noticeable change, you can check in with them through their health information exchange. They can store your records and insure that you keep track of your mouth health progress or downfall.

Being Health in General Through Exercise and Diet

The issue that many people have when approaching their mouth health is understanding that their overall health has an impact. Eating healthy and exercising doesn’t seem like it would have much of an impact on how healthy your mouth is, but it does. Eating right helps your body get better at repairing itself and keeping all parts healthy. Maintaining a healthy weight is important as well. You are more likely to develop abnormalities if you aren’t being healthy in all areas of your lifestyle.

With that being said, smoking and drinking are bad for your oral health. You will want to lessen or quit these nasty habits if you want to have the healthiest mouth possible. Smoking is especially bad for your teeth and can cause other types of cancer as well. Eat more leafy greens, fruit and shiitake mushrooms. These foods are good for oral health.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun—Even Your Lips

One way that some people develop oral cancer is by exposing their lips to the sun for too long. It is important that you avoid the sun when you can. If you can’t, get a wide brimmed hat that covers your face. You can exponentially decrease your chance of developing cancer by being smart about time in the sun.

There are products that can help you with your goal of reducing chances of oral cancer. There are lotions and lip balms that are built to give your lips and skin the most protection you can get.

Take these tips when thinking of oral health before it is too late. These tips are for everyone—not just those with oral health issues. Schedule an appointment to get a dental check up or a teeth cleaning with your dentist as soon as you can.

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