Oral B 1000 Pro – Some Facts And Features

While a few electric toothbrushes are designed for taking along when you travel, others are primarily meant to be used at home. But there are so many aspects to compare that it’s easy to get confused if you attempt it yourself.

Gums become sensitive and painful when infected. If this situation is not corrected soon, it can progress to receding gums. When germs seep into the gap and spread into the gums, they cause a condition called gingivitis.

Bleeding gums may also be the result of ulceration or damage to the surface of the gums. The ideal toothbrush replacement head is one that delivers exactly what you need.

The Oral B 1000 Pro electric toothbrush has a travel case that not only protects the brush itself against injury, but also prevents the device from being turned on accidentally which could drain the battery.

The case serves another important purpose. It keeps the device from turning on accidentally. This helps conserve battery charge for longer.

Only you can decide which is the best Oral B 1000 Pro toothbrush replacement head for your unique needs, preferences and purpose. Each user feels one model is better than another – and all of them are perfectly right.

It’s true that all models and types of replacement toothbrush heads have some things in common. But some of them also have unique features of value to specific users.

Quick Start functionality: This function in Oral B electric toothbrushes helps a fresh, first-time user get used to the new experience. Over a period of a week or two, the brush gradually builds up cleaning power.

Protective case: A hardshell plastic case coated with soft leather comes in handy for frequent travel. It stores the brush handle and replacement brush heads.

Intensity: Cleaning intensity that depends upon brush speed and power can be tweaked in the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean. Higher intensity usually delivers greater cleaning power, but can be uncomfortable.

Auto-off function: This feature helps those who forgetfully leave the toothbrush on after brushing. It conserves battery power and increases longevity.

There are even jumbo packs containing 8 or more brush heads. They are often purchased for large families or cost-conscious shoppers who think the lower cost per unit is worth buying more brush heads.

Dental plaque is made worse by gum infections. The sticky material accumulates in places that are infected and damages your teeth. All such conditions lead to poor oral hygiene and can have more serious consequences to your dental health.

Periodontal conditions which affect the jaw, gums and parts near the teeth can become worse by the accumulation of dental plaque. People who suffer gingivitis find it painful and uncomfortable to brush effectively.

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