EVLT- Your Key To Resuming A Normal Life

The statistic from a leading medical journal indicates that about 30-45% of the adult population all across the world suffer from varicose veins. Since varicose veins worsen with age, the first indicators of the problem are darkening of the vein or an unusual bulge or twisted cord-like appearance of the veins. Although the symptoms of varicose veins differ from person to person, most patients complain of itchiness around the veins, pain, and heavy feelings as well as ugly discoloration of the skin that may lessen the self-esteem of the patient.

Cause Of The Varicose Vein

Finding the cause of a disease is the first step towards an effective treatment. The common cause attributed to varicose veins’ formation is the weakening of the valves that control the blood flow to the veins. As the valves become incapable of control, more and more blood flows back to the veins and pool in there. If left unattended, the veins close to the skin may even rupture or lead to ulcer formation.

While age, obesity, and pregnancy are some of the triggers that may lead to the problem, at times, it may be seen even in patients who have a family history of similar complications.

Effective Treatment

While your doctor may recommend the use of painkillers and certain vitamins, these drugs only provide momentary relief and are unable to control the deterioration of the problem with time. With the advancement of medical science and treatment procedures, the best way to manage varicose veins and resume a normal life is the EVLT.

What is EVLT?

EVLT stands for Endovenous Laser Treatment. In this procedure, laser waves are transported to the damaged veins via the medium of thin and flexible tubes known as the catheter. The leading clinics offer Endovenous treatment in the form of a comprehensive package that includes consultation, pain management, and aftercare.


During this step, highly skilled and experienced physicians examine your problem and determine whether you have any additional problems or complications. Following this, the physicians discuss the entire treatment plan and procedure as the expert staff prepare the affected area to receive the treatment. The post-treatment care instructions are also given in advance so that the patients are fully prepared for what is going to come.

Pain Management Care

Though the entire treatment method does not involve much pain, yet the doctors ensure that you do not feel even the least bit of discomfort. That is why the entire area is treated with local anesthesia, and only after you are prepared, the tubes are inserted. In case the patients feel any kind of sensation after the tube is removed, it can easily be managed with countertop medicines.

The only after treatment care required for EVLT is the use of compression socks for a few weeks and enough drinking fluids to ensure that the veins remain hydrated. Given that the procedure takes only a few hours and is almost painless, an increasing number of patients are opting for it today and returning to their normal life with ease.


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