How To Get Drugs Out Of Your Hair For A Hair Follicle Test

When we compare hair analysis with other standard drug tests, you should have in mind that it is the most challenging to cheat in general.

That is the main reason why most employers nowadays are choosing this particular method as a way of determining the presence of illegal substance abuse for a long-term period.

Numerous organizations such as governments, corporations, and employers are using it as the drug-testing method of choice because other types of screenings feature various ways of cheating from substituting the specimen to masking the presence by using detox drinks.

Even though employers think that hair analysis is undefeatable, we are here to help you along the way, but first, you should enter to learn more about products that will help you.

You can find numerous shampoos that will help you remove unwanted compounds from your hair, and that is the best investment that you can make if you wish to pass a hair drug test.

Things To Consider When Choosing Cleansing Shampoo

1.   Instructions

Have in mind that finding appropriate detoxification shampoo requires significant time for preparation and applying, since it is not working as regular ones, but you have to follow guidelines that will help you along the way.

At the same time, you will have to leave this particular shampoo for some period and combine it with other chemical products as well so that you can cleanse your hair from unwanted substances that will affect your job prospect.

You will need to wash your hair at least five times if you wish to reach perfection. Apart from reading the specific instructions that you will get with the shampoo you have purchased, you can follow a specific cleaning method that you can try within your household.

We are talking about combining various ingredients for hair treatment, that will affect the integrity and beauty of your hair, but you will, as a result, be able to pass a drug test.

2.   Price

The hair detox shampoos that you wish to purchase will help you pass a hair drug test, but the main problem with them is that you have to pay a significant price tag for them since they feature specific ingredients.

The price will go up if you wish to engage in a Macujo method that requires additional ingredients such as shampoo with salicylic acid, and liquid detergent among other things.

Therefore, you have to prepare yourself for additional expenses if you wish to cleanse your hair from THC and other drug metabolites that will affect your hair analysis.

The easiest ways to understand the process of drug detoxification is by checking here.

3.   Additional Styling Methods

Finally, you can implement methods such as hair coloring and styling so that you can make the cleansing process more active than before. This particular idea will allow shampoos you purchase to penetrate the shaft with more efficiency than before.

The facts state that Jerry G method, for instance, which is the second most efficient and accessible way of cleansing your hair, requires intensive styling methods, but it may have damaging and long-lasting effects on your hair appearance.

Shampoos That Will Help You with Hair Detoxification

1.   Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo (Old Version)

When it comes to this particular type of cleansing shampoo, have in mind that it is the best detoxification product that will help you cleanse your hair, but you have to follow appropriate instructions.

It works by entering inside your hair shaft, opening the cuticle, which will ultimately help you remove traces of unwanted substances within your head cortex. It consists of two parts; you will get the ultra-clean shampoo and basic product.

If you wish to get the most efficient result possible, we recommend you to use them together, which mean first Aloe Rid and then Ultra Clean shampoo.

This particular formula includes a few ingredients in which the most important one is glycol that will open the cuticle and reduce the number of compounds you feature in cortex.

The second part includes using the in-depth cleansing process, which is similar as conditioner, which means that it will enter the follicles and seal all metabolites inside so that they cannot be transparent on drug test.

We recommend you to start with the process at least five days before the test, and wash your hair a few times daily so that you can increase its efficiency.

When compared with other shampoos that will provide you similar effects, the best thing about Aloe Rid is that you will get aftercare product that features moisturizing agents that will make your hair silky and smooth afterward.

The important thing that you should note is that only old version of Aloe Toxin Rid will help you prepare your hair for hair analysis. The new models do not feature enough amount of propylene glycol, which is essential for opening the cuticles.


  • It comes from natural ingredients
  • You can use it for sensitive scalp and hair
  • It features nourishing and moisturizing agents
  • Perfect customer service that you can find on the official website


  • If you wish to get results, you have to follow instructions completely

If you wish to make a homemade hair detoxification remedy, you should visit this guide:

2.   Clear Choice Shampoo

The Clear Choice shampoo features an entirely different approach and method when compared with Aloe Rid shampoos. The idea is that you need to use it before the test and try to match the exact date and do it beforehand.

The main reason for that is that this particular shampoo will provide your hair an apparent zone effect for approximately eight hours after washing because it will mask and coat all toxins and substances that may be apparent in the test.

It is vital to avoid environments that may contain these toxins before the collection, because that may affect the strength and integrity of the coating and masking. The idea is to evenly distribute the contents of the shampoo on wet hair and massage the head for at least five minutes.

As soon as you finish, you should rinse everything thoroughly and add the purifier bottle that you will get within the package. Make sure that you place it close to the head and roots, and leave it for 15 minutes afterward before rinsing it by using warm water.


  • Cheaper price tag than Aloe Rid
  • Safe for your hair and scalp
  • More convenient application


  • It is not 100% reliable


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