Is CBD the Only Nootropics with Health Benefits?

Many people consider cannabidiol, more popular as CBD, as the only beneficial variant of nootropics. This is not true at all, since the list of nootropics is quite a long one. In the past, only a handful of substances were regarded as nootropics. However, nowadays every substance that has a certain type of effect on the brain, whether it’s a positive or negative one, is included in this category.

These smart drugs, as they are often called, have gained popularity due to their benefits on humans’ health. They are consumed not just by people who have trouble sleeping or struggle with depression and anxiety. They are also used by healthy people who wish to boost their mental skills, creativity and energy levels in order to be more productive.

Nootropics are remodeling our brain, so that it can function to the best of its ability. They are found in many forms, even in ones which are not widely known as nootropics but are used by people on a daily basis. You can get familiar with the different types by reading the list below.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

This substance has recently become the most popular form of nootropics thanks to its beneficial effects on people’s mood, sleep, energy, motivation and mental capacity. As a substance, it can take the form of oil, capsules, lotions, drinks or food additive. Each form is administered in a different way and contains different concentrate levels.

It has proven to be helpful to people who are overwhelmed by today’s fast pace of life which often results in depression, anxiety, stress or lack of motivation. For more information on its other benefits visit this link


Do you start your morning ritual with a cup of coffee?

If so, you are consuming the most extensively used nootropic substance. As a beverage, coffee contains the highest level of caffeine compared to other drinks such as energy drinks, sodas or tea.

It’s an instant solution when we are feeling tired or exhausted or when we lack concentration and focus, required for performing some important tasks. Caffeine affects the brain by blocking the adenosine receptors and thus makes us more alert.

It also increases the physical longevity of our organism, helping our body and mind to stay awake when we need them the most. Therefore, coffee is the most preferred drink during work hours or preparation for exams.

However, not everybody benefits from caffeine, since it causes insomnia problems for some people. Caffeine increases the level of dopamine in our bodies, so its effects can last for 4 to 5 hours, after which our body suddenly goes back to the previous state of exhaustion.


Those people who pick tea over coffee are also under the influence of nootropics.   L-theanine is an acid, most commonly found in green tea which improves our mood while inducing relaxation and creating a feeling of calmness. It’s also valuable for our cognitive functions, helping us not to lose focus and be more creative.

If mixed with caffeine it can have even greater effects. This nootropic is considered to be the safest of all, having no negative effects regardless of the quantity you consume.

You can safely drink tea all day; it can only help you relax and get a good night’s sleep. Check this if you are keen on learning more about theanine.


Creatine is one of the most popular substances which belong to the nootropics group. It’s a kind of amino acid, responsible for creating proteins. It’s usually associated with body-building, as inducer of physical strength. However, it’s more than just a gym companion.

Creatine generates energy in the brain cells and stores this energy for further use. We later use this energy for better understanding and applying of information. It’s preferred by vegetarians and vegans as a source of proteins, since their lack of proteins comes from not eating meat.

Perhaps the only side effect of creatine is that its benefits cannot be felt if you don’t combine it with sugar or carbohydrates.


Nicotine is an infamous nootropic, but it’s still largely consumed by people. Plenty of plants contain nicotine, but tobacco is the most prominent one. The most common form of nicotine use is cigarettes, but it can be found in nicotine chewing gums, lozenges, nasal sprays or patches as well.

Like the other nootropics, nicotine improves our awareness and focuses our attention in a better way. It’s also beneficial for the motor functions of the body, especially handwriting and fluency.

Nevertheless, it is a substance which causes the highest addiction level and it’s not recommended for daily consumption.


The above mentioned substances are just the beginning of the nootropic drugs list. This category is most likely to further expand, as it’s become normal for people to consume them as a way of coping with everyday life situations.

Their benefits to the cognitive functions are undeniable. Therefore, a lot of research is done by scientists to discover more such substances and include them in the nootropic group.

They can be found in both natural and synthetic form. The natural form is healthier, but slower when it comes to feeling the effects. On the other hand, the synthetic version provides an instant effect on your mind and body.

Nootropics can be consumed alone or in combination if you want to achieve a greater effect. However, be aware to use the right dosage when you use them in combination.  Most of the substances are strong enough to be consumed separately, such as CBD.

There is wide variety of these substances on the market. All of them have a number of advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to decide which nootropic you will use, in which form and dosage. If you are not sure about some of these factors, it is a wise option to consult a doctor.

Remember: before choosing which substance to consume, make sure its benefits outweigh the drawbacks!

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