5 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weight

Many women are afraid of lifting weights in the gym because they don’t want to be bulky or male. It is not the workout but the improper diet, makes you bulky. This is one of the biggest health misunderstandings for women. Women are fit, neither bulky nor masculine, because of lifting weights. And, instead of exercise, women spend hours practicing aerobics to burn fat, but never get a dream body. Here are 5 reasons why women should start lifting weights in their workout regime.

1.       Improves Self Confidence

The first reason, I believe, is to increase self-confidence for a woman. That is why you should want to raise alone. Whether a woman believes she is’ too fat’ or’ too good,’ weightlifting will alter your physical appearance for your reason. You can feel happier and dramatically improve your self-esteem by seeing results and changes in how you look. If you lift, you will begin to challenge yourself to lift heavier or to do more reps, which leads to a strengthening of your confidence. It is important to have the perfect choice of the ladies gym Dubai to have a perfect combination of workout to get the best results.

2.       Stress Reliever

Not only will work out make you happy and increase your confidence in your physical appearance. You should feel better mentally. When you lift weights, your body makes endorphins, the “happy chemicals” of the body. Endorphins are regarded as natural analgesics. You feel less pain and less adverse effects of stress with higher endorphins levels. You will feel happier and remove negative feelings if you weight lift and force your body to produce higher levels of endorphins.

3.       Burns More Fat

Many think the best way to lose weight is with cardio. Although it can be true, weightlifting can help you get the results quicker. When you talk about losing weight, what you really mean is you want to lose fat. By lifting your muscles and attacking the fat, you maintain your mass. This does not just shred fat but shapes your curves in the right place.

4.       Maintain A Proper Diet

You need to eat more if you’re lifting intensely and in the gym consistently. Getting the right foods helps fuel the body to have a tough workout and is important to recover properly. Don’t worry if your workouts are intense about carbs that make you fatter. But always be sure what you have for your diet. Maintaining a proper diet is as important as hitting the gym regularly.

5.       Misconception Of Getting Bulky

It’s a common misconception that women will get on bulky when doing weight training. But that is a complete misconception. Weight training always should align with your workout goals. Strict diet, vitamins and a strict exercise routine can help make it look like a female bodybuilder. Yet overnight it doesn’t happen. And it will never happen if getting bulky is not your workout goals.

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