Finer Options for the Home Care

In the course of a home care agency, you will be able to receive a lot of the similarconcern and services available in a hospital. A doctor will be able to work with the home care contributors preparing your health care plan. This plan includes the services you need, as well as the most appropriate type of staff to offer those services and how often the services are needed.

Nursing service

A highly qualified accredited nurse (RN) can be of great help to a cancer patient in your home, and can help lessen the burden on family members. A nurse comes to your home, knows the care needs of you and your family and, together with the doctor, creates a plan of care. Services may include wound dressing and ostomy care, provision of intravenous treatment, administration and supervision of medications and control of side effects. Your care plan may also include the provision of supportive care, such as pain control, instruction and emotional support.


Physiotherapists can help you recover the use of your weak muscles or those with some disability. They also help you improve the range of motion in the joints, as well as teach you how to use any equipment necessary for daily activities.

Occupational therapy

An occupational therapist can help you with problems that prevent you from doing the activities of daily living. Aprofessional therapist requires knowing what you will be able to do, and will explain you methods to carry out everyday tasks such as eating, bathing, dressing and other household routines. If you need special equipment, you will be taught to use it. With the help of a therapist, you can learn to do more activities for yourself.

Speech therapy

If you cannot speak the way you used to, a speech therapist can help you communicate again by teaching you special and practical techniques. They can help alsoin the event that you have hitch swallowing.


Social workers assess the social and emotional points that influence patients. They execute the case management purpose for patients with multifaceted needs and assist with the search for sources of help in the community. This may comprisetherapy for the family seeking financial help if needed. They also advise patients on how to cope with the demands of the disease, as well as family conflicts and grief that affect patient care.

Home Assistants

With the assistance of an assistant, you will be able to manage better personal care, like getting out of bed or going to bed, walking, bathing and dressing. Some assistants have received special training and are qualified to provide more complex services supervised by a registered nurse.


A housekeeper can do household chores not too heavy for you, such as washing, cooking, cleaning and shopping. These services are intended to help with home maintenance, and not provide medical care.


A helper from societyassociations or hospice agency or a homecare can be with you to provide emotional support, as well as help with personal care, paperwork and transportation to attend medical appointments.

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