How can you look after your eyes?

Eyes are among the most precious organs of the human body. They allow us to see the beautiful world around us. It is impossible for us to think of our life without our eyes. But, do we take enough care of these precious organs? A large number of people suffer from visual loss worldwide. Though you cannot prevent eye problems, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can still bless you with good eye health. Here are some simple steps that you can follow to look after your eyes and lessen chances of vision loss as you age.

  1. Wear sunglasses- All are aware of the harmful effect of UV rays on our skin, hair and eyes. Instead of buying cheap sunglasses, buy good quality sunglasses that are capable of blocking UV rays. Sunglasses protect both the retina and the eyelid skin that is extremely delicate. They also prevent skin cancer and wrinkles around eyes. So, use sunglasses that provide complete protection from UV-B and UV-A rays.
  2. Watch what you eat- Vitamin deficiency often leads to retinal dysfunction. Eating carrots is good for eyes. Apricots and mangoes increase night vision. There are several other vegetables (mostly green leafy vegetables) that you can eat. Make sure that your diet contains vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and lutein. Eating the right food reduces chances of developing eye diseases.
  3. Eye checkups- Even if you do not face any problem, it is a good idea to go for routine checkups to your ophthalmologist as you approach old age. If there is a family history of loss of vision at old age, you should see an ophthalmologist before it is too late.
  4. Quit smoking- Everybody knows that tobacco smoking can cause cancer. But, do you know it is also harmful for your eyes? Studies have revealed that ex-smokers and smokers are more prone to develop age related muscular degeneration or ARMD than non-smokers. Risk for developing eye cataracts is also more in smokers. So, quitting smoking is beneficial for several organs of your body.
  5. Keep them clean- Make sure your wash your eyes with clean, cold water three times a day.
  6. Protect your eyes- If you participate in sports like cricket and hockey, it is mandatory to wear eye protection that can prevent injuries when you are in the field. Also wear eye protection while cleaning, gardening and repairing your home.
  7. Avoid excessive use of Android phone- Spending long hours with your Android phone might not be a good idea if you love your eyes. Staring at your phone once you switch off the lights pet immense pressure on your eyes. This can lead to potential damage in the future. Temporary problems include blurry vision, dry eyes, and eyestrain.

Follow the above-mentioned tips for the best advantage of your eyes. If you have undergone an eye surgery recently, you cannot afford to skip the medicines prescribed by the surgeon. is a place where you can purchase pills online.

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