Get Fit With Your Double Jogging Stroller

One of the best ways to to get fit after being pregnant is to exercise. It’s going to take time and you don’t want to over stress your body, but the fact remains, with the right eating habits, there is simply nothing more important than exercise.But it sometimes seems impossible. After all, gym memberships are expensive and traveling to and from the gym can be a hassle. And of course there is your little one. Who do you leave the infant with? It’s not always possible or sensible to leave your new baby with a strange daycare right off to start. Also, most doctors suggest limiting contact with people the first little while to let your baby’s immune system get built up.

So what do you do? Well, for a start, think about this situation. My wife and I had two little kids 15 months apart! My beloved barely had time to get organized with the first and number two was on the way. No, it wasn’t really a shock. But she decided then and there that the minute the second one arrived she was going to start getting back in shape. She sent me out to find to look out and evaluate the best double strollers for infant and toddler. Being a good husband, thats exactly what I did! Little did I realize the plethora of available choices.Once I had done my duty and had brought home a suitable unit, she started to get to work with it. Each day as part of her routine, which incidentally also became my routine, she would load up both kids infant and toddler, into the stroller and she hit the sidewalk.Day after day, month after month, she would get out and pound the pavement making tracks with her brand new shiny stroller. And day after day month after she shed pounds like nobody’s business. It’s important to note that she also eats right, but she’s not crazy about her eating habits, she still enjoys her occasional indulgences.

The advantages are as I mentioned above. My wife’s kids are with her, no strangers looking after them and no hassles with the babysitter. I mean, if we are going to get a babysitter, it’s going to be to go out together, not to exercise.The kids love it! The really like getting out on nature trails and even just the sidewalk to get some fresh air. Often as not, it puts them to sleep. And finally both my wife and myself look and feel better. What more could you want?

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