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Peptide Safety

In as much as peptides are used extensively for quite a number of applications, they can be dangerous if not handled the right way. It is thus of imperative importance to know how to handle the situation properly and also know what to do in case of emergency.

You should keep in mind that crude peptides may contain some salts and deletions, which might be harmful if they come into contact with the eyes, skin or when inhaled. This can also be the case with certain synthetic peptides and hence, they also deserve to be handled with a lot of care.

Emergency and first aid procedures

Here are a few of the probable emergencies involving peptides and how you can handle them in case they do occur:

When peptide is swallowed – when peptides are swallowed, wash the mouth with a lot of water so long as the victim is still conscious. Once washed, seek medical attention immediately.

When spilled on the eyes – flush water over the eyes for several minutes ensuring that the water comes into direct contact with the eye. In case of increased irritation, continue irrigating for fifteen minutes and if there is no change at all, seek medical attention immediately.

Peptides on the skin – wash the affected area with a lot of water and soap. Take off any contaminated clothing and seek medical attention in case of adverse effects.


How to handle leaks and spills

In case of peptide leaks or spills, follow the following procedure to take control of the situation:

  • Put on protective clothing and equipment.
  • Use sand to sweep the powder and then place the contents on a closed container.
  • Ensure that the affected area is well ventilated, and that thr affected site is washed thoroughly.

In case you are not certain of how to handle peptides in case of emergency, be sure to seek help from others who may have advanced knowledge regarding how to handle peptides during emergencies.


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