Importance of training for your core muscles

Core strength is really about working from the inside out. Core muscles are your most important muscle group, so just stop seeing abs work as aesthetics only. The core is the entire support system that plays a major role in everyday activities from staying upright to walking and bending. Core muscles help you do just about everything. Strengthening of core potentially strengthens the entire body and gives you great stability.

NESTA is offering the Core Conditioning Specialist Certification Program. It is providing power and core stability knowledge for the coaches and trainers to develop any kind of exercise program. Core training for athletes doesn’t mean it is effective, for athletes only. A strong core develops better coordination between the upper and lower body to transfer power.


Benefits of core strength:

Improved core strength offers amazing benefits in any age and allows a person to complete exercise routines. It decreases the risk of injury and allows you to perform in any sports of your choice like an athlete.

  • Core strength improves overall stability and body balance. It lowers down the risk of acute injury and repetitive stress injury.
  • Core strength, not only slims your abs, but it provides a better posture that makes you look trimmer and feel better.
  • Improved core strength makes it easier for you to perform everyday tasks more efficiently with ease.
  • Lower back pain is appeared as a chronic problem, especially for those who spend long hours sitting behind a desk every day. It is due to the substantial strain on the lower back and this pain enhances when muscles are not engaged properly. Core strength significantly decreases this back pain or even eliminates it.
  • As the core is all responsible for bending, lifting, and twisting movements, its strength allows you to improve sports performance.
  • Strong core muscles help to protect your inner organs and central nervous system also.

Strengthening exercises for core muscles:

Core-strengthening exercises are not about abs only, but it is about the muscles throughout your torso. These exercises are all about putting your body in an unstable position and force the core to work bending and twisting movements. Planks, leg lowering, hanging leg raises, bridges, bird dogs, and ab wheel rollouts are some important core strengthening exercises.

NESTA CCS Certification:

It is an online course for personal trainers and coaches to develop skills to motivate their clients more effectively and impressively for a strong and functional core foundation. This core training for athletes provides a better understanding of core functioning, how it affects regular movements and sports performance.

This online training program consists of a complete, video library of core exercises by well-known fitness professionals and trainers. In addition to this, engaging and in-depth science lectures that cover biomechanics, kinesiology, and anatomy of the core are also included to enhance scientific knowledge of trainers and coaches. This complete training provides trainers and coaches better abilities and skills to effectively recruit the trunk muscles and controlling of the lumbar spine by deep trunk muscles during dynamic movements. NESTA is helping professional coaches and trainers with this effective training program and give them 100% online training with the mobile-friendly format and high-quality training videos and then certify them with online exam and CEUs.


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