What is the solution to making your hair regrow?

The pattern of baldness in men which is known as androgenetic alopecia is hereditary. It greatly affects men that are aging from 50 years old. You don’t have the ability to stop your hair from falling as you get old. Although there are treatments that can cure and slow down the process of it. Before you buy it and its special tonics you have to know other processes in treating or avoiding your hair loss.

The lifestyle changes

Stop smoking

Since you are smoking you already know its bad effects aside from destroying your lungs but it can also increase your hair loss. There are men that smoke and have a bigger hair loss than those people that are not smoking. When you don’t like to have bald hair you need to stop smoking while it is in the early stage.

Massage your scalp

The massage is not only for your lower body to lessen its aches but it is also advisable to massage your scalp. The benefit of massaging your scalp is to avoid any hair loss as it can encourage your hair follicles.

Have a balanced diet

When you’re practicing eating a balanced diet then your hair is growing healthy. It is because in this diet you have a proper amount of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains. You also have to lessen the number of sweets that you eat every day.

  • Iron-rich foods have beans, leafy vegetables, eggs, and lean beef.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids like tuna, egg yolks, hemp seeds, walnuts, and salmon
  • High-protein such as seafood, eggs, and lean meats

A proper checkup

Other than it is in your genes there are also many underlying medical conditions that can cause hair loss. You can experience hair loss when you’re treating any underlying condition that you have in your body. It will be the time that you take care of your hair.

Avoid getting stressed

Stress can trigger your body, especially your hair. When you experience hair loss there might be a stressful condition that you have to address early. There are ways on how to lessen stress by doing yoga, exercise, sleeping, and listening to good music.

Other treatments


Peppermint oil can be known to make your hair regrow as it can have the best hair thickening fibers. Also, rosemary oil is used to boost blood circulation in your scalp.

Saw palmetto

When you are not familiar with this. It is a small berry that is being used to add to an enlarged prostate. Using the saw palmetto can cure your hair loss and can boost hair growth.

Onion juice

Onion juice is a natural treatment to regrow your hair when you use tap water with its ingredient on it.

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