4 Ways Poor Nutrition in Babies Can Adversely Affect Their Health

Having babies is one of the best feelings every parent can have! Most parents, especially the new ones can relate with this statement.

However, where welcoming a newborn in the family is bliss in itself, the responsibilities of the parents double up dramatically! We all know that taking care of the baby and baby nutrition is no child’s play. One mistake can affect your child’s health for a lifetime!

This is why, the new parents must always be careful about what they are feeding to their babies. Adequate nutrition is a real must for better health of a baby. If a baby gets poor nutrition, it can suffer from a number of health conditions.

Here are a few examples of these health conditions that might result because of poor baby nutrition:

  • Prone to diseases

Due to poor nutrition, a baby’s immunity can get really weak. Thus, it becomes quite prone to diseases.

Now, with a weak immunity, almost every disease hovers around your baby and grabs the first opportunity to attack their health.  The most common diseases that babies get prone to are diarrhea, infections, fever, cold, cough, flu, skin infections, etc.

Not only this, in the lack of proper baby nutrition, a baby becomes prone to more serious diseases like down syndrome, heart conditions, infant botulism, etc.

Sounds dreadful? Well, it surely is!

  • Impact on physical growth

Now, poor baby nutrition doesn’t only cover less eating, but it also covers overeating. Both the conditions are considered as poor nutrition.

If the parents aren’t aware about how much and what their babies are eating, their kids are surely going to face physical growth issues.

Studies have shown that the underfeeding children are smaller in height than the nourished ones. Also, if a child or baby has overeating issues, they face problems like obesity, which is the greatest impediment in a child’s growth.

Not only the height but malnutrition may impact the other physical growth of children as they grow up.

  • Impact on behavior

Most pediatricians observe that when a baby is suffering from malnutrition, its behavior is impacted greatly.

Malnutrition or poor baby nutrition results in the babies getting deficient of the essential minerals, vitamins, etc. Thus, they are not healthy from the inside. This makes them feel weak, lethargic, and emotionally unstable.

Thus, they are most likely to adopt negative behavioral traits as they grow old. This includes aggression, anxiety, rage, jealousy, antisocial behavior, and low self-esteem. Studies have shown that children with deficiencies or poor health due to malnutrition show a negative behavior at home and outside as well.

  • Impact on intellectual growth

Right baby nutrition is a must for the intellectual growth of a child. It has been studied that a baby’s mental growth is at its peak from the first year to 5th or 6th.

To ensure a normal and good mental growth in a child, you need to make sure that they are adequately fed. So, better baby nutrition must be given to the mother and the child for better intellectual growth of babies.

In the absence of proper nutrition, the babies may acquire diseases like autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, etc.

To avoid all these problems related to a baby’s health and growth, every parent must make sure their baby is fed appropriately. Give them the required baby nutrition through natural as well as medicated products and ensure good baby health! Happy parenting!

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