Are You Aware How You Should Use Your Coronavirus Mask?

Ever since the pandemic situation created due to corona virus started at the end of 2019 in China, the whole world has become a victim of this virus. As a result, there have been a number of deaths within a span of last 10 months and many more deaths are still occurring in various parts of the world even today.

The whole world is trying to find solutions to find proper remedy to prevent spreading of this virus, but so far FDA approved and CE certified N95 face masks are the only way to protect us from spreading of this virus. You can also obtain these masks from Custom Earth Promos website, and available in many different sizes and shapes.

Till the medical researchers and scientists come out with suitable vaccine to prevent this virus, we have to live with these masks and one should always wear them whenever they are going out to any public places where many other people are also present.

Let us discuss in this write up, how we can get maximum out of these masks, so that we may remain protected from coronavirus and also prevent its further spread.

  1. Treat this mask as biohazard

You should not share your mask with anybody rather it must be isolated from the rest of the family. Never leave your mask on your kitchen counter or on dining table where any other person may also be inadvertently using it.

When you are not using it then always keep it in a safe place.

  1. Keep washing your hands by using soap whenever you remove your mask

It is mandatory to wear such masks whenever you are going out on the street or any other public places where many other people are also present. However, when you return back to home you must remove the mask and thoroughly wash your hands by using soap or use a hand sanitizer.

  1. Don’t clean N95 mask, but reuse with proper care

Although initially public was barred from use of N95 masks, as there was terrible shortage of these masks for medical professionals, who needed such masks more than general public. However, as the supply of these masks improved, now people can also buy them from the market for their personal use.

These masks offer better protection as compared to other type of masks. However, you need to make sure that you choose mask that properly fits your face. You may not wash them but with proper care you can reuse them.

  1. Clean your home-made face masks regularly

You can also use home-made masks that can be made with any suitable cloths that can either be any fabric like your kitchen towel, T-shirt, bandana or pillow cloth etc. These home-made masks can also protect you against coronavirus. However you need to maintain a safe distance from people around you.

Good part of these masks is that you can wash them like any other cloth in your washing machine using detergent that you generally use for cleaning your clothes.

Home-made masks are however less effective as compared to N95 masks.

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