Bipolar Disorder – When Mind Has Two Phases

Bipolar disorder is one of the most complex mental illnesses that affect men and women in the world. Although there have been many studies regarding this disorder and the general understanding of its biochemistry, no one can really tell why it happens and who is prone to it. Is it the stress that causes this disorder, or is it the genetic disposition?

One thing is true. The prevalence of bipolar disorder, once considered to be a taboo, is now taken seriously by many mental health professionals. And they have come up with appropriate solutions through trial and error – one that would bring this disorder under control and make it manageable for the short and long term.

So, what does bipolar disorder in a person do? The answer is, it makes his or her mood change to the two extreme ends of the spectrum. In the first phase, the person is depressed – unhappy, lacking confidence in whatever he does, and unable to cope with daily routine. The person may feel tired all the time, irritable and anxious at the same time. He or she may have suicidal thoughts in a mild or severe form. Some people will go to the extent of committing suicide or crime guided by these thoughts. Others will revert to isolation. Solution? A course of antidepressant or depression therapy for about two months, followed by regular checkups. The person may experience additional symptoms such as headaches and hearing loss that may need intervention from any audiologists marion county in.

The other phase of bipolar disorder is completely the opposite of what is observed in the first phase. In other words, it is the reversal of all the above feelings. The person is incredibly excited and happy here. He or she will experience feelings of hope, see the world with optimism, even get irritated when other people don’t share their optimism. The person may become unable to sleep at night due to being euphoric all the time. Exhibiting rash decisions, even overspending on many occasions will become the norm. Solution? Anti-psychotic medication as prescribed by the physician, along with follow-up counseling.

Some people who suffer from bipolar disorder aren’t aware that they have this condition while others do. So, what do you do when you know you have it? The best thing to handle this situation is to take a step back and ask yourself what is causing it in the first place. What got you there and when did it actually start? Once you identify those causative factors, you need to do something about it either by yourself or through external support. Avoid stressful situations if it is caused by stress and incorporate a lifestyle where you feel relaxed and in full control of emotions. You can do this by practicing yoga, medication or conventional exercise. Evaluate your relationships around. Are they causing you this stress? You may need external support as well, but only from people who will help alleviate your symptoms, not add to the stress.

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