Detox Drinks to Keep You THC-Free

A detox drink to keep you THC-free? Yes, it is very possible to get a formula like that. With the type of detoxifiers that you will discover in many online stores, you will need to make an informed decision. How will you be able to do that? By reading to the end of this article.

Your goal is to get your body completely detoxified without causing unwarranted problems for your health. This is why you should be determined not to be gullible when you see the “amazing” promises that some adverts or reviews offer. A good review will contain factual information like the one stated here; with every necessary detail about the products given.

Dishonest reviewers are an issue in today’s e-commerce world. This is because most of them have been paid by the manufacturers of the products they have written about. Paid reviewers can only write favorable reviews about goods that are displayed for shoppers. Manufacturers of some products also have to be held accountable for not giving adequate information about their formulas for the benefit of the shoppers.

The type of information that you should look out for includes BMI (Body Mass Index) compatibility, possible side-effects, dosage, allergy considerations, and so on. These should be stated with enough clarity on the product packaging or a leaflet in it. If there is no technical information about the product you are reading about, please shift your focus immediately!

Getting Tested

A great number of employers have made impromptu or regular drug tests mandatory in their companies. Some of them have made the passing of such tests as part of the requirements for getting hired. There are other scenarios like law enforcement/probation officers, parents, doctors, or others asking you to submit a sample without even giving you any notice or grace to prepare. This is why you need to detox regularly. Do not take the risk of doing nothing.

Your urine, hair, or saliva sample can be requested for by the laboratory professionals handling the test. The urine sample is preferred by many companies because of how cost-effective it is. Bigger companies that can handle the costs will organize hair follicle drug tests. It is best to undergo internal and external hair cleansing for total assurance.

If you have been called for a test, keep in mind that the target toxins are THC metabolites. These are what your body breaks down marijuana/cannabis into for further processing. The metabolites can be stored in your fat cells and hair follicles. THC is what gives you the “high” you seek when using marijuana for recreational purposes. This is known as its psychoactive functions, but remember that the substance is also pharmacologically active.

In marijuana, this psychoactive drug is in the form of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA). With the aid of lab techniques such as chromatography and immunoassay, its presence can be detected in the samples being tested.

Shopping for a Detox Drink

Users of cannabis have tried to find the most effective methods to totally remove every trace of drug metabolites from their bodies, with some making regretful product choices. The fact is that enough research is required to make an informed choice. To avoid an embarrassing test result, your chosen detox drink has to be one with permanent effects and not the formulas with masking agents.

If there is little time given before the scheduled test, do not resort to getting panicky. Desperation will lead you into making irrational moves that could put you into trouble health-wise. Many manufacturers produce inorganic formulas that are unsafe for human consumption. You need to be in the know about the kind of ingredients are safe for you. Think natural.

If the product you are reading about has 100% natural ingredients, then you can read further. The moment you see inorganic chemicals or allergy-causing ingredients, move to the next brand!

The price of the product is not an indicator of how effective it will be. Generally, detox products are expensive. If DIY detoxing is what you plan to do, then read the product information cautiously. Withdrawal symptom management, the rate of drug use, BMI (Body Mass Index), and so on are among the factors you should consider before making a purchase.

Read more about that here:

There are solutions specially formulated for light smokers and heavy smokers. This is why you should go to review sites for better understanding about product compatibility. Do not choose a formula that indicates compatibility for all types of weed smokers unless dosage information is stated. Some solutions are meant for people who have very little time to detox.

Detox drinks are more reliable than other forms of detox kits like pills/tablets. However, pills/tablets are the most common types of detoxifiers stocked by online stores. Some manufacturers offer cleanses that come with both tablets/pills and drinks. The bottom line is that the kits should have ingredients that can trigger chemical reactions to transform drug toxins, flush them out of your system, and replace them with nutrients.

With labs upgrading their testing techniques to discover masking agents and traces of detoxifiers that can be used to cheat drug tests, one needs to get a product that not only keeps the body THC-free, but does not have any single suspicious ingredient.

How the Detoxifiers Work

Detoxifiers act on the traces of tetrahydrocannabinol metabolites in the body and change them to chemicals that cannot be detected during lab tests. Detox drinks are available online for blood, sweat, and saliva detoxing.

Your BMI (Body Mass Index) is a very important factor because the higher the BMI, the higher the concentration of metabolites in your body. Your fat cells will also store THC for longer periods. You will need to drink more water than other individuals that have lower BMIs during detoxification.

Taking a detox drink requires plenty water for total effectiveness. Apart from that, you need to prepare for any impromptu test by regularly undergoing DIY detoxification. Total cleansing should be your goal each time.

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