Drug Treatment Programs for Married Couples for Fast Recovery

There are many drug treatment programs available for diverse kinds of addiction. In general, most drug treatment centers for couples depend on some kind of behavioral therapy to address substance addiction problems. This is because behavioral therapy promotes lasting and positive change. This kind of therapy teaches married couples some ways of interacting. It helps assists increase positive interactions, and promotes supportive and clear communication. This assists married couples obtain abstinence and create healthier and happier relationships. Entering a couples rehab can not only save relationships but can also save lives.

Some popular drug treatment programs used in married couples rehabilitations include:

BTC or Behavioral Couples Therapy

This is one popular type of drug treatment program for married couples. One way this is obtained is by means of the making of a recovery agreement with your behalf. The recovery agreement needs that you affirm your goal not to use substance each day, while the job for your behalf is to give support for this goal. In Behavioral Couples Therapy, the married couple is normally seen by counselors once or twice a week in a clinical environment to talk about objectives and develop and strengthen new coping skills. Oftentimes, therapists might arrange for a group therapy session, wherein many married couples are seen at once.

ABCT or Alcohol Behavioral Couple Therapy

This approach is the same as the BCT which draws on diverse psychotherapeutic models to promote abstinence and improve healthy functioning in the relationship. ABCT is an outpatient type of care. The aim is to improve problem-solving skills and communication skills. It also helps improve contingency-management and self-control skills. Thus, help the married couple achieve sobriety.

MAT or Medication Assisted Treatment

This method offers complete care to address drug abuse. This includes using treatments like naltrexone, methadone, or buprenorphine to ease withdrawal symptoms. This also helps in detoxification and gives maintenance once the period of detoxification had ended. This program also integrates education for non-addicted partners on how to support the recovery of their partner.

RCA or Recovering Couples Anonymous

Rehab centers offer 12 step meetings as an added type of support for recovering from substance addiction. A lot of married couples choose to keep on participating in recovering couples anonymous meetings after finishing treatment. The focus of this treatment program is on submitting to a higher power and working in the 12-steps of recovery with the help of sponsors. But, this program also emphasizes the significance of the married couples staying dedicated to each other and the shared sobriety.


Look for Help Right

For married couples struggling with substance addiction, use can be the only activity that they enjoy together. Once you notice that drug abuse is affecting your relationship, immediately call couples rehab center. Putting off care could mean even more harm to your relationship.

Substance addiction doesn’t need to control your life as a couple or your relationship with each other. Don’t wait until the harm is irreparable. Contact the nearest rehab center to talk to a specialist about the drug rehab program for couples that are best suited for you and your loved one’s needs.


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