Find the Truth about Sletrokor: Is It Safe for Your Health?


Weight loss is a very important public health issue in today’s world. Both men and women are taking serious attention as to how they look and how they fit into this world. Glamour and showbiz coupled with social media is eating deeply into the fabric of our society and the pressure is high on both men and women to conform to certain societally adjudged figures and shapes.That in itself is not a bad thing. The problem is the methods and practices which people use in other to attain and achieve that hour glass figure or the super man feature in men.

Based on this background one of the many ways by which people try to lose weight is the use of supplements to lose weight. One of such supplements is called Sletrokor. This supplement is one of the many which exists in the market today with claims and counter claims as to their mode of operation as well as its effectiveness and efficacy as far as the issue of weight loss is concerned. Sletrokor has made claims to be the number one weight reducing or weight loss supplement for the year 2016. If these claims have been substantiated or not is an issue for another day.


18Nutrition Inc. is the parent company and makers of this particular supplement. This is a company based in California USA with a wide range of supplements being produced for varied number of reasons and purposes. This company is bold in its claim and direct in the style of marketing they have adopted for this supplement. They claim to have a 30 day guarantee on all their products including this one, and they have a direct number for anyone who wants to discuss with a customer care representative. They give out an email with a promise of a 48 hours response time at the most for any email sent by a client. Customers who have made use of their products attest to the fact that they deliver on these promises and do have a robust customer care approach making them one of the best in the country in this regard.

How (and) does it work?

Here we examine how it works and if it does work at all. They supplement functions by diminishing hunger. The idea being that with a person feeling less hunger or not as much hunger as the person usually feels, the client is prone to eat less. If the client eats less, the body has less food and by extension carbohydrate to digest and so the unused part of food which is usually stored in the body as fat is reduced. This supplement contains a natural substance called Garcinia Cambogia which has the unique function of reducing the effectiveness of Citric Lyase which is the enzyme which aids the body in converting excess carbohydrate to fat. If this enzyme’s function is inhibited then the body converts less carbohydrate to fat . HCA is also increased in quantity and effectiveness by this supplement and this functions in reducing fat and triglycerides levels in the body. All these functions help to reduce the fat content of the body. This supplement also contains other natural substances which help the general wellbeing of the body.  Customers and clients have given this supplement very high marks for efficacy and so we can safely say that based on clients reviews and comments this supplement does work.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

The main constituent of the supplement is a white bean extract called legume protein concentrate which is also called phaseo vulgaris. This is the main component in this supplement.


Other ingredients which we can find in this supplement include

  •         Aloe vera (200: 1) increases the body metabolism therby burning more fat in the process and also fights against bacteria invasion into the body. It can be used to treat the skin for burns and rashes.
  •         Cascara Sagrada (as herb powder): this is the bark from a Native American tree and does have laxative and so can cause the user to visit the toilet frequently and regularly. It also contains a substance called Emodin which has been implicated as an Anti- cancer agent.
  •         Cedar Vinegar (as powder) : Vinegar is an extract gotten from apples which can function in reducing blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure. It also reduces appetite thereby making the user eat less
  •         Chitosan – Chitosan is gotten from ground and crushed crustaceans and it works as fiber to reduce both the fat intake and food intake this inturn reduces the amount of calories going into the person.
  •         Garcinia Camborgia – this functions in helping to have very healthy fat metabolism so that the fats are broken down optimally for passage out of the body.
  •         Gymnema Sylvestra (as herb powder): this ingredient reduces adrenal stimulation and thereby reducing blood sugar and so we have less conversion of sugar in the body. It also combats oleic acid which is a serious fat component in the body and by doing that, fat content of the body is reduced and the body functions more optimally.

What’s good about it?

This supplement actually is overwhelmed with reviews, testimonials and commendation from clients and customers who have used it. They do claim that it works and that it really is effective. This is good and it is what we want to hear about the supplement going forward. The manufacturers also used ingredients such as vinegar to lower and almost eradicate the bitterness of the supplement. Now, this is good to ensure compliance with regimen as manufacturers have shown understanding in their approach to supplement production. The company also has a 30 day guarantee, all these measures are good in other to instill confidence in the product by the users. The makers of this supplement also made Viaktor which is another supplement to act as a complement for Sletrokor. These measures are good and they show the manufacturers know what they are doing.

What’s bad about it?

This supplement does contain shell fish derivatives and so people allergic to sea food certainly cannot make use of it. This is sad. It also is available only online and in the USA. This writer feels that plans should be underway by the company to spread their nets abroad as people are interested in this supplement .


Sletrokor ticks a lot of boxes and it has a lot going for it. The customer reviews are superb, the guarantee on the product is excellent, the fact that it has FDA approval is confidence boosting and many other good things can be said about the supplements. The feedback from scientific and academic trials has also been sterling and so we can be safe to say that for now, with existing evidence Sletrokor is the supplement to beat when it comes to weight loss and shedding of excess body fat.

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