Healthy Weight Loss Options for Busy People

The busier our lives get, the more difficult it seems to fit exercise and healthy eating into our day. The situation often only comes to a head when our body finally rejects the substantial extra weight that we’ve added on and then comes a health scare. Fortunately, it’s possible to address unhealthy eating habits and a lack of regular exercise before they contribute to our overall health and wellbeing.

Here are a few suggestions to fit healthier eating and regular exercise into your life. Maybe like an old friend you’d forgotten about or as a new one to welcome in for the first time.

Slowly Accelerated Exercise

Just like with a new vehicle where you’re advised to not hit the top speed too quickly in the first few weeks of ownership to avoid damaging the engine, the same is true of any exercise plan. Our egos tend to push us to go out and run 3 miles when we’ve not run 100 feet in the last two years. Bad idea! Trying to do too much, too fast, is likely to lead to failure, muscle pain the next day, or early injury. None of these are likely to create a successful weight loss plan.

The goal of exercise in the early days is not so much about distance, speed or timed runs. It’s far more about not overdoing it preventing you from going out the next day and doing a little more than before. Building up the habit of regular exercise again and getting that locked in is the most important thing. Better, faster, slimmer – that comes later.

Ketogenic Diet for Innovative Eating

The Ketogenic diet is focused around keeping consumed carbohydrates to around 5 percent. The reason for doing so is because by severely restricting carbs, the body adjusts from burning sugar to create energy, to burning fat. It does this by reaching a state of Ketosis, which is a process you can learn about more on this page.

The usual food consumed on this diet includes plenty of organic meat, nuts for the monounsaturated fats, and vegetables. With some herbs and careful spicing, the diet can taste great without all the usual carb loading for fast energy.

Staying Healthy at Work

We can all eat better on the weekend when we have more time to go food shopping and prepare delicious meals. The trouble usually comes when rushing to work, trying to avoid the lure of the vending machine for a mid-morning snack, and choosing what to eat for lunch.

The best idea is to bring a packed lunch that will keep well by noon or 1pm. If you still need to snack, bring along some unsalted cashew nuts, pine nuts or almonds too for a protein kick without too many carbohydrates. The smaller packets are ideal for portion control or buy a large bag and bring a Ziploc bag with a daily portion measured out ready.

Winning with weight loss is all about good planning. As our lives speed up and we face a time crunch, it’s often what we prepared earlier that keeps us still sticking to our diet by the end of the day. With dieting especially, the saying that “failing to plan is planning to fail” holds assuredly true.

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