How Seniors Can Manage Chronic Pain

As an older or elderly adult, dealing with constant pain is a part of life. However, it doesn’t have to define the lives of those who live with it every day. The relationship between seniors and chronic pain can be troubling as time goes on and the pain doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, especially for older adults who feel like there’s nothing they can do and no recourse they can take. However, there are many different ways in which seniors can manage their own pain and find ways to cope without intensive medical intervention. When every day brings on new pain and struggles, finding ways to get past the constant ache becomes more and more important. If you or a senior in your life is dealing with chronic pain, here are some basic steps you can take to get help.


One of the most underrated sources of pain and trouble for seniors is stress. More specifically, the problems tend to arise when seniors don’t know the best ways to manage stress and cope with the rising pressures of everyday life. While therapy is always the best course of action for managing stress, getting a deep tissue massage to target physical pain be extremely helpful with alleviating other symptoms of stress that could be manifesting themselves as external aches or dull pains. Homeopathic methods of pain management like acupuncture and massage can help seniors let go of stressful pressure points and learn to release some of the pent-up emotion that’s causing them pain throughout the day.


If you or a senior you know is experiencing chronic pain, being encouraged to engage in daily exercise is likely the furthest thing from your mind. However, when it comes to pain that won’t quit, sometimes exercise is the best medicine. Whether you belong to a gym, regularly take swims or aqua aerobic classes in the neighborhood pool, or go for long walks with a companion from Seniors Helping Seniors Southwest Florida, getting in a bit of exercise every day can help your body adjust and deal with the daily pressures that could be causing a fair amount of chronic pain.


Sometimes, pain is a result of repressed emotion. With regular therapy sessions, seniors can start to talk about what’s bothering them in a relaxed, non-judgmental arena, and potentially let go of some of the stressors that are causing them physical pain in the day-to-day. Even for seniors who don’t deal with chronic pain, therapy can be an ideal way to talk out issues, learn better communication skills, and get more organized and focused when it comes to smaller, everyday tasks.

Specialized Diet

When your body is hurting, it’s possible that your diet is to blame. For seniors, diet can play even a larger part in causing chronic pain, since the body tends to grow more sensitive and intolerant to certain stimuli as it ages. If you’re experiencing a reaction to a certain food or drug always play it safe and discontinue use until you can do more research.

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