Importance of Baby Teeth, Good Oral Hygiene and Braces

Most parents do not realize that the first visit to the dentist for their children should be about 6 months after the first tooth has come in. In most cases, that is when the child is about a year old. Early dental visits are important for your child’s oral hygiene. Dentists believe that it is important to keep the child’s baby teeth in place until they fall out naturally. 

By keeping the baby teeth healthy, it also helps the child to chew properly and keep good nutritional habits. Baby teeth help the child to develop proper speech habits and they save space for the permanent teeth. 

With proper guidance from the parents and older siblings, your child should develop a healthy foundation for keeping his or her teeth and gums clean. Healthy gums and teeth will also help when your child needs to be fitted for braces. 

Dental braces are used by adults and kids. They help to straighten and align teeth. They will help fix gaps in the teeth and position a person’s teeth to have a better bite. They can fix overbites and underbites, crooked teeth and many other flaws of the teeth. Braces can be structural or cosmetic.

Knowing that your child might need braces for his or her teeth, you should talk to your child’s dentists first. He may have some important ideas that you may want to consider. First of all, when is the best time to get the braces for your child? Your dentist will most likely suggest that the summer time is best. 

With school being out, your child will have a lot fewer extracurricular activities. Having sports activities can hinder your child’s playing if he or she is afraid of being hit in the mouth. It can also hinder the work being done on the child’s mouth. Once the child is using braces, they are more apt to duck or handle the fact that they need to protect their mouth. 

The first three or four appointments will take longer. Those first appointments are to put on the braces and adjust them properly. If the child is out of school for the summer, then it does not interfere with other activities or lessons. Once the child is back at school, the appointments will become shorter and just be routine adjustments and check-ups. 

Dentists also believe that the summertime, is when braces for kids cincinnati oh, should be scheduled for your child. This is when your child has the fastest growth spurts. You will want to have the braces on and in place, so your child’s teeth move into the proper positions during this growth spurt. A child’s growth spurt usually happens between the ages of 11 and 14. This is when dentists usually recommend that the child’s orthodontic treatments should be done. 

Your child deserves a life time of beautiful smiles. You can give your child those smiles with regular check-ups to their dentist. Help your child to develop a proper attitude about going to the dentist, brushing and flossing daily and eating a variety of foods that are nutritional.

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