Marijuana Edibles 101

Using medical marijuana is an amazing way to soothe the symptoms of many common, serious, conditions that have a huge impact on quality of life. Things like multiple sclerosis, muscle pain, and multiple other conditions are alleviated by this simple natural cure. Unfortunately, there are other conditions that also benefit from medical marijuana but are unable to utilize it in smoked or vaporized forms. Conditions like COPD and asthma can actually have their symptoms dulled by medical cannabis but smoking with these conditions is extremely life threatening. However, this is where the miracle that is marijuana edibles comes into play! Edibles, as the name suggests, are eaten instead of smoked! This is healthier for your respiratory system and takes less stress off your lungs, promoting positive long-term health! Individuals suffering from respiratory conditions can also utilize this method as a great natural alternative to the cocktail of pharmaceuticals that a hospital will normally provide. There are a few differences between smoking cannabis and marijuana edibles, they mostly have to do with dosage and how the body absorbs the THC.

Smoking V.S. Edibles

When the body consumes marijuana rather than smoking it, it processes and it absorbs it in a few different ways. To begin, edibles take longer for an individual to feel results than smoking; when a person smokes the THC is immediately taken into the lungs, which feeds into the blood supply. This delivers the high quicker, and as a result it also passes quicker as well. The difference with edibles is that it doesn’t get into the bloodstream as quickly, therefore the high is more prolonged than one of smoking. Some people describe it as being more potent than a smoked equivalent, but this varies person to person. Edibles are also extremely easy to measure dosage with as well, making them attractive from the medical point of view.

Marijuana edibles are a godsend for the world of medical cannabis; people that cannot smoke or use vaporized products have a way to access the amazing health benefits that cannabis is able to provide!

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