Sustainability Consulting for healthcare

The top healthcare bodies realize the essential need of sustainability consulting for healthcare as an integral section of the enterprise management. It involves evaluation of social choices, environmental and economic impacts on the enterprise status of the healthcare organization. Sustainability consultancy is good for both community health as well as the bottom line for a health organization. Creative healthcare sustainability programs and strategies reduce the whole environmental footprint of a facility, makes provision for better customer care, enhance safety, compliance, employee awareness increases service efficiencies.


For a very long period, healthcare organizations utilized Resource Recycling Structures as a means of sustainability implementation and planning
to aid clients get their wants in the expected environmental goals and healthcare excellence. The main aim is to enhance a solid team understanding of the programs and strategies that are essential for enterprise purposes and conducive environment for healthcare services provision. We make provision for efficient system management tools and system operations policy implementation and simple

understandable sustainability consulting for both individual facilities and healthcare systems.

The Means

We use an integrated approach for healthcare sustainability consulting that makes use of professionals in various areas of expertise related to healthcare services; resource management, engineering, sustainable systems, communications, economics and business, to come up with simple understandable programs that maintain certain crucial qualities which incorporates;


  •  Creative resource management; this involves innovative means to regulate resource use in the organization.
  •  Engaged leadership; all stakeholders in the healthcare systems should be involved in the process.
  •  Less carbon footprint; this requires high waste management plan and strategies.
  •  Enhanced safety and health; this provides fora conducing environment for provision of healthcare services.
  •  Cost containment; the budget needs to be critically regulated.
  •  Increased compliance; levels of compliance should be enhanced in all involved parties.

Across the board (all facilities and departments), we have focused in establishing implementation programs and strategies that improve the
healthcare system status. We establish a technical team of experts which makes you able to avoid liability exposure, increase regulatory compliance, enforce cost controls, track data and costs systems and pay more attention to your business.

Healthcare Sustainability Tips


1.Sustainability planning of healthcare program

It involves organization strategy and leadership direction to establish sustainable change in the system. We make evaluation of desired
environmental effects and program costs to enforce guide on environmental solutions. Our team o experts are well equipped with knowledge on electronic waste, wastewater and hazardous waste allowing the experts to work in facilities management, corporate leadership, environmental services and compliance and safety services departments. Elements of this feature include;


  • Program benchmarking- program performance measurement comparison to environmental and cost variables.
  • Financial analysis- asses the long term and short measurements on return on investment.
  • Program assessments- involves auditing of programs and policies.
  • Sustainability consulting management- developing corporate procedures and policies.

2.Sustainability Implementation of Program

Our expert team has the know-how in getting the balance between cost and environmental stewardship in order to attain the best healthcare
system. It involves;


a) Contract Management – the selected team monitors the organization’s compliance, costs, and performance of service providers, suppliers and contractors giving the accountability on the institutions utilization of resources and costs. Negotiation of pricing and services to enable the purchase of environmentally friendly products.


b) Compliance education materials and training- we have technical experts that make educational posters and conduct classroom training on internal policies, local and federal regulations to enhance compliance and awareness.


c) Standard operation procedures on best practices- A set of customized management tools, operation procedures, program policies on sustainability need to be developed to provide the basis for best practice as far as healthcare sustainability is concerned.


d) Sustainability Team Guidance – A team of facilitation and education of a stakeholder group representing a range of departments that evaluate,
prioritize, champion and implement key green initiatives; analysis of environmental impact and return-on-investment.


e) Facility audit and assessments- On-site analysis of safety, compliance, costs, and operations, system efficiencies, equipment efficiencies and waste handling.


f) Resource Management- best use, cost-effective and compliant facility resource system which should incorporate energy systems, materials, and supplies, recyclables and waste, we use a scorecard to track the management progress.


g) Program assessment on best practice- benchmarking to identify improvement areas and measure gaps between your healthcare facility and the leading healthcare centers.


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