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Detoxification is one of the most searched words in the 21st century. We have all become aware of things that surround us, the number of toxins we consume through food, breathe through air, and it is almost impossible to hide from them.

Of course, overdoing it and becoming paranoid about it can also lead to problems, which is why you should learn how to do it without affecting your overall health.

In an ideal situation, you should perform some detoxification process so that you can increase the overall levels of energy and become more aware of things that surround you and things you consume on daily basis.

However, some people claim that numerous popular methods are not backed scientifically, which may lead to other issues as well. On the other hand, people overlook the idea that we all feature a detox process that happens every single day in our bodies.

When it comes to purifying the blood, the liver is one of the most important organs that help throughout the process. Apart from that, it is one of the largest organs as well.

The liver can process nutrients, to filter your blood and to remove toxins as well as byproducts from breakdown of alcohol and other medications you consume.

You will find in liver thousand lobules, which are small areas that filter blood, produce as well as release the substances we all know as bile with an idea to break down active compounds into byproducts so that they can go to waste.

The procedure of liver detoxification includes:

  • Processing and eliminating bilirubin, which is one of the most common waste products that happen due to breakdown of red blood cells.
  • Breaking down the ammonia into urea

Even though the liver is one of the most important organs for the process of detoxification and blood filtering, other organs are vital too such as:

  • Kidneys will filter excess waste and toxins from your blood, which will ultimately be released through your urine.
  • Intestines will destroy unwanted organisms and parasites.
  • Lungs will filter harmful substances that we breathe through the air, such as cigarette smoke and many more.

Things That Will Help You with Blood Purification

1.     Detox Teas

You have probably seen advertisements online and in your closest health food stores, that you can find numerous detox teas that will help you along the way. The most common ones include nettle leaf and dandelion that feature diuretic properties that will boost the process of removing waste.

You can also consume other products such as senna leaf that will provide you laxative effect, which is also vital for detoxification.

However, according to most scientists and studies, the best way to cleanse your system, in general, is to consume green or black tea, because they feature plenty of antioxidants and they are not problematic for people that have severe conditions.

At the same time, you have to stop drinking coffee and go for teas instead, and your body will notice the difference in a matter of days. Learn by clicking here why green tea is efficient for body cleansing.

2.     Charcoal Juices and Drinks

According to numerous examples, charcoal is one of the best choices for poisoning because it can absorb waste from your body.

Therefore, numerous manufacturers started to combine detox beverages by adding amounts of charcoal with an idea to provide you pure and healthy purification.

At the same time, they state that charcoal can easily bind waste and toxins within your intestinal system, which will ultimately help you, reduce the levels of harmful substances that you feature in blood.

The main problem with this particular process is that there is no scientific background and research that will support the benefit of beverages with charcoal. At the same time, science has not confirmed that charcoal is perfect for blood purification.

Everything depends on individuals, and you can find numerous testimonials from previous users that they felt better after consuming them, while others did not experience anything.

The main problem is that charcoal can also affect the medications you consume daily for chronic conditions. Therefore, if you have history of stomach bleeding, or issues with digestion or had surgery recently, you should avoid charcoal drinks.

It is vital to talk with your doctor before you decide to consume it because that way you can get a better explanation what may happen based on your medical history.

3.     Diets

Diets for detoxification are highly popular among every single one of us. We are talking about a restrictive diet that will promote weight loss and cleanse your blood in general.

Of course, since these diets can be problematic, you should stop consuming these substances:

  • Refined sugars
  • Red meat
  • Gluten
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol

We recommend you to check out this link: to learn more on fatty liver disease.

Have in mind that some diets can help you avoid harmful foods so that you can become healthier as time goes by. On the other hand, some of them are highly restrictive such as juice cleanses because you will feel a lack of energy at first, so you have to get used to it.

However, since our body features an ability to handle all toxins by using organs we have mentioned above, you do not have to implement a highly restrictive diet plan.

Instead, you should start consuming healthy food that contains plenty of lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

At the same time, you have to take steps to protect your liver since it is the most important organ when it comes to purification and cleansing. You can do it by implementing healthy habits so that you can maintain its shape and efficiency.

You can find numerous cleanses, products that will help you with blood purification such as Prodovite, as well as other techniques and programs that will help you detoxify and cleanse the entire body with ease.

Therefore, you should maintain a healthy weight, because being overweight can contribute to fatty liver disease, which will reduce its function and ability to cleanse your body. Therefore, you should combine exercising and nutritional diet so that you can enjoy all the way.

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