Working in Social Care

We were made to live on this world for a determined time, to create and evolve, but unfortunately, our time is limited. There comes a time in our life when we see our children grown up, living their own lives. Sadly, along with the years we accumulate we also start noticing the effects of aging on us: we don’t have the same energy that we used to, it comes difficult for us to do certain things, which means we need some sort of help for living the time we have left in this world.

Some of us rely on their children to come and help when we are aging, but no matter how dedicated they are in helping us, they have a life of their own, with problems, jobs and children to raise, which means they can’t spend all day long with us. Fortunately, this modern and evolved world we live in these days give the elderly the possibility to live out their final days by letting others take care of them.

Social Care Careers and Training

Have you ever considered working in Social Care? Or perhaps you already do and would like to achieve a recognised care qualification.

The General Social Care Council registers and regulates all social care workers in England and Wales and regulates their conduct and training.

Social care is a rewarding and challenging career. For all sorts of reasons and at all stages in their lives people need help coping with the day-to-day business of living. Social care workers provide this support.

There is a huge range of jobs in social care available, which include:

  • Domiciliary or day care;
  • Residential care for children, adults or older people;
  • Independent living for disabled people.

Skills for Care deal with social care for adults and older people, Social Care workers can also undertake national vocational qualifications in social care. These courses are not accredited by the GSCC, (General Social Care Council) but by a range of awarding bodies, such as City & Guilds or EdExcel. With these qualifications, you can go and work in council run nursing homes to private care homes in Worcester to Wolverhampton and any registered care home across the country!


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