Top 5 Most Common Examples of Medical Malpractice

Everyone desires to lead a healthy and happy life. But the sad reality is that as humans, we are prone to diseases and other health complications. That’s why we have hospitals and health care facilities to help us recuperate and get back on with our daily lives. However, sometimes, these healthcare systems fail us by not adhering to the applicable standard of care, and as a result, cause injuries or further problems.

In this article, we will look at some of the scenarios where doctors, nurses, and other health professionals fail to meet the standard of care and end up causing harm to the patient. It will serve as a guide to help victims know when their rights have been infringed. But since the article is just a short guide, its best to speak with a Miami medical malpractice attorney for further advice.

Examples of medical malpractice that may warrant a lawsuit

Surgical errors

Despite several years of training, surgeons can still make medical errors. Unfortunately, these errors can turn even the simplest of surgeries into a whole nightmare. Common examples of surgical mistakes include performing wrong surgery, puncturing tissues and organs, operating on the wrong patient or body part, leaving surgical tools in the patient after the procedure, and improper technique. These mistakes can lead to complications, infections, and sometimes death.

Medical errors

Nurses, doctors, and other medical experts help patients by offering professional medical care. But sometimes, they make mistakes that cause devastating outcomes. Medical errors arise due to a range of reasons, such as poor communication and insufficient training. Common examples include improper lab results, nurse not knowing the prescribed medications, improper labeling, lousy handwriting, and miscommunication of health problems.

Anesthesia error

This happens when an anesthesiologist issues an incorrect dosage to a patient who’s going through surgery, and as a result, the patient sustains significant liver damage. Administration of an improper amount of medication is negligence and makes it hard for the expert to argue that his or her actions met the standard of care.

Delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis

When an underlying problem is not diagnosed on time, or if it’s misdiagnosed, it may render the treatment options ineffective or less effective for the patient. In this case, the liable doctor will be compared to other doctor’s criteria for diagnosing the condition. Better yet, the lawyer can uncover the doctor’s steps that did not meet the standard of care and made them delay diagnosis or fail to diagnose the real issue.

Childbirth injuries

This is a medical malpractice that happens during pregnancy or childbirth. Two main types of negligence that may occur in this category include negligent prenatal care and negligence during birth. In the former, the obstetrician or physician fails to diagnose the mother’s medical condition, determine an abnormal position, identify congenital disabilities, or detect a contagious or severe disease that could affect the fetus. In the latter, the healthcare provider fails to anticipate specific birth problems, order a CS when necessary or in time, or react to signs of fetal diseases. Misuse of vacuum extractor or forceps are also common.

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