Why Does Addiction Rehab Work So Well?

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

With drug and alcohol addiction, it will personally affect almost everyone in one form or another. People suffer from many different forms of addiction. Some addicts abuse pain-killers, some may be addicted to opiates, others may have an addiction to cocaine or crack while others suffer from alcohol abuse. It is important to understand and separate the difference between abusing drugs and alcohol and being addicted to these substances. Substance abuse can be defined as a pattern of an exaggerated use of any substance that is not taken as intended or prescribed. People can abuse substances and not be addicted to them or even have a physical dependence. Addiction is defined as the phycological and physical inability to stop using a substance be it illegal drugs, prescribed medication or alcohol, even though it is causing physical and phycological harm in one’s life.

Important factor

The most important factor in addressing your addiction is admitting that you have an issue. Initially, many addicts are in denial that a problem exists. You do not want to admit that you have lost control. Once you accept that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you can then get the help you need. Thankfully, finding the right rehab program can give you the tools you need to get clean. Every individual is different, and their needs are unique.

Treatment Options

With treatment options available, you can look into out-patient programs or inpatient. Both have beneficial characteristics to help you succeed at getting clean and staying that way. If you suffer from opiate addiction, the better option would be to check into a detox center that can offer a safe, medical detox. This usually takes around 4-5 days to complete. Once you have detoxed your body safely, you can then go into a 28-day rehab center. It’s crucial to be in a safe and controlled environment during the early stages of recovery. This is what makes rehab facilities so successful. You can gain the tools needed to live a clean and sober life upon exiting the rehab. Trained counselors are on site to work with you guide you towards having a successful re-entry back in society clean and sober.

No one can do it all alone. By learning what it takes to get clean and stay that way, you can beat the disease of addiction. You need to have a support system and attending AA or NA meetings once you complete your time in a rehab facility. Doing so will greatly increase your odds of staying clean. Rehabilitation treatment centers have been around for generations and they are always adopting the latest strategies in treating addiction. There are other services available to you if you need such as housing once you leave treatment. You can get assistance with any legal issues you may be facing. Also, you may have other medical issues that can be addressed during your stay in rehab. The trained staff at treatment centers can access your needs and make recommendations or referrals. Beating addiction is not hopeless. You can do it. Getting into a rehab facility presents you with the best chance to beat this disease. If you are serious about getting clean, check in your area for the nearest treatment facility. Click here for more information on addiction.


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