Infertility Awareness Week April 21-26

In 2019, National Infertility Awareness Week or NIAW will take place from April 21 through 26. Sadly, many people (both women and men) who have issues with natural fertility feel somehow ashamed, that they are “less” of a man or woman because they are having problems conceiving. Our fertility clinic in Vancouver, Canada will be focusing on this common problem throughout Infertility Awareness Week, sharing our knowledge about fertility acupuncture, laser, and other treatments shown to improve fertility in a way that’s natural and non-invasive.

During this week, we hope to increase awareness of the many stigmas and misconceptions surrounding infertility, highlighting why it is so important to realize that natural fertility problems impact people of every age, race, gender, and ethnicity around the world. It doesn’t matter that you are white, black, Hispanic, poor or rich, Christian or of other religious beliefs – infertility can strike anyone. Is a hormone imbalance to blame, or is it something else?

You may be surprised to learn that male factor infertility plays a role in the inability to conceive for many couples; for as many as half, according to some reproductive endocrinologists. Women often suffer from conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, poor ovarian reserve and others that impact fertility. Fertility acupuncture along with laser therapy, Chinese herbs, lifestyle changes, nutritional therapy and stress reduction is effective for many women and men for not only treating these conditions, but enhancing fertility while promoting better overall physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

In some cases there seems to be no clear cause of infertility, which can be especially frustrating for couples who desire to expand their families. You have tried repeatedly to conceive naturally, without success. In these situations it is common for couples to seek out other solutions such as IVF, or in-vitro fertilization. Whether trying to conceive naturally or seeking alternative treatment such as IVF, it is always recommended to optimize fertility to the greatest extent possible. Could laser for fertility help you reach your goal?

An increasing number of studies support the benefits of low level laser therapy in promoting fertility. LLLT is cold laser therapy that stimulates blood flow to the reproductive system, regulates inflammation, softens scar tissue or “adhesions,” improves egg quality in women of advanced maternal age, and more. This therapy seems to be especially helpful for reproductive issues related to aging.

From fertility acupuncture to laser therapy, stress reduction, herbal therapy, diet, and lifestyle, our Vancouver fertility clinic focuses on a multidisciplinary approach in treating many of the natural fertility challenges women and men face today. Whether for IVF support or common issues such as poor egg or sperm quality, endometriosis, PCOS, or unexplained infertility, our priority is helping patients along the pathway to optimal fertility.

We hope anyone affected by infertility will join us during Natural Infertility Awareness Week as we strive to present videos and guidance you may find beneficial along your journey. By providing resources and spreading awareness, we all do our part to support those who want nothing more than to experience a healthy, happy pregnancy.

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