The Advocacy of Gail Barouh PhD On HIV Or AIDS Patients

Both the young and old may acquire this virus – isn’t it worrying? Imagine an innocent newborn, who had been suffering from this disease, even before he was still in the womb. What’s really sad, is the fact that he may not have the chance to enjoy life. Isn’t it heartbreaking to witness a baby’s cry because he is feeling too weak? I know that pregnant mothers would not like their baby to get infected. But they should have been very careful and prevented acquiring the virus. Adults know more about this than teens, so why are there reported cases at their age?

Is everybody aware about how this virus is transmitted? In my opinion, it is very important for everybody to have proper education regarding HIV/AIDS. Through this way, we can all avoid doing activities that may lead to the transmission of the disease. As human beings, we are prone to commit mistakes, but we should also consider the risks and consequences of our actions. To have this kind of sickness is not easy, especially if there are no facilities and experts, who will care for you.

But that is not a reason to lose hope. As long as there are individuals like Gail Barouh PhD, who is one of the supporters of the disease, you should not give up. Keep in mind that you still have family and friends. They are supposed to be the first to understand what you are going through. That’s why it is important for them to accept your condition and receive the support that patients need as well.


Are you aware that in 2018, there are reported cases worldwide, where 770 individuals died because of this virus? It is alarming to know that about 37.9 million people are infected and many of them do not go for a treatment. This is, indeed, an issue that concerns the public health of both young and old all over the world. According to the World Health Organization, 25.7 million of the infected individuals are coming from the African region. This is also where new infections are coming from. Almost

These infected people are actively participating in various activities that led to the transmission of the virus. This includes injecting drugs, same sex intercourse and prostitution. The law prohibits some of these lifestyle. However, there are just people, who cannot manage to avoid it. Look at and see how many gay people are infected.

You should know that until today, experts are still finding a cure for this infection. The only treatment available right now is the antiretroviral or ART, which helps in preventing the spread of this disease. 79% of these infected individuals are aware that they are carrying a disease. However, only 23.3 million were able to receive the ART treatment. If more HIV patient will perform this type of medical care, then the rate of death cases will reduce.

Dr. Gail Barouh and her Advocacy

A lot of private and government organizations are founded to support the needs of the infected. We are lucky to have Dr. Gail Barouh because she served as an eye opener to the public. Because of her advocacy, people started believing that you can’t acquire the virus, even when someone near you is infected with it. Because of this, more people started raising HIV/AIDS awareness programs and founding organizations that support the said disease. Aside from that, people have started supporting and caring for a patient.

Dr. Barouh is not simply an expert in health care providing and counseling. As the former CEO and President of the LIAAC, she was able to increase the number of clients served. This means that more lives were saved from suffering and sickness. Dr. Barouh was also very helpful in reconnecting the patients to the society. She also provided bereavement support to the families.

To raise the awareness, she even wrote books and appeared in the media. Because of the book – Support Groups: The Human Face of the HIV/AIDS Bereavement, the public came to understand that the patients are facing all the insults and isolations. There are psychosocial effects to the children as well as adolescents, which is wrong and cruel for a human being to experience.

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