Tummy Tuck: goodbye to abdominal fat

After losing weight, the excess skin that hangs in the abdomen can be corrected with this Tummy Tuck surgery.

If after losing a lot of weight, it is because you have changed your eating habits, you have undergone a bariatric surgery to treat obesity, or because you had labor; your skin shows a surplus of fat in the lower abdominal area, Tummy Tuck surgery could be your solution.

Dr. Edgar Ibarra Pasos, from the Plastic Surgery Center, explains that in medical terms this surgery is called “Dermolipectomy”, but in English they call it popularly “Tummy Tuck”.

“The objective of this is to improve both the aesthetic aspect, as functionally improve the abdomen,” says Ibarra.

For example, in the case of women who become pregnant, or a person who becomes obese, the muscles of the abdomen are opened in the process and the width of the abdomen is larger.

Once the woman has given birth or someone has lost more than a hundred pounds, there is a surplus of skin with little fat; then you can resort to surgery to correct your muscle and remove this surplus of skin. It should be noted that “it is not a treatment for obesity”, but it is a procedure for after the desired weight has already been lost.

It is important that a woman who performs the operation for reasons of pregnancy, do so until she has had the desired number of children; and if you have Cosmetic Weight Loss Procedure due to a bariatric surgery such as a gastric band, use Tummy Tuck for up to one year. “It’s a relatively large surgery, so it’s best to do it only once,” says Ibarra.

The procedure

The preparation of this surgery begins from the moment the patient chooses his doctor. In the case of Nicaragua, it could be one of the Nicaraguan Association of Plastic Surgeons, with legal personality.

The doctor will investigate what medications the patient is taking, so that the patient stops taking the necessary ones about fifteen days before the surgery, and will indicate a series of tests to ensure that the person is healthy.

“The anesthesiologist, the visa you ask for are the exams, if you are a woman over 40 years old, you have to do a cardiological exam, such as an electrocardiogram, for safety and to know what anesthesia is going to be used,” Ibarra explains.

The operation lasts 3 to 4 hours. The patient must stay overnight in the hospital and for a week he will be left with a drain, and with relative rest. The recovery takes a month appropriately and the use of an abdominal belt is recommended to feel more secure. One thousand dollars is the average price of this surgery in Nicaragua.

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