The Best College Majors in Health and Medicine

If you’re looking to learn, research, make a difference, or simply be a part of a life-saving industry, finding a major in health or medicine is a no-brainer. But, just as there are many different career options for health majors, there are tons of corresponding majors to choose from to get you as prepared as possible for your future career. If you’re looking to major in health, you should think about focusing on one of these majors.


If you’re looking to make a difference in someone’s life, counseling is a great career option. Not only does counseling allow for an intimate, one-on-one approach to a patient’s physical and mental health concerns, it helps de-tangle some of the aspects of a patient’s life that could be making it hard for them to move forward. As a counselor, you’ll have a huge responsibility to guide patients toward a better, healthier life. The reward is great, the work is fulfilling, and you’ll be able to enjoy the feeling of truly having helped someone in the bargain.


For students who are interested in medicine, a pharmacy major is ideal. The major involves much more than what you’d typically imagine. As medications and new drugs come on the market, the job of a pharmacist becomes more and more complex. As a pharmacy major, you’ll learn how to fill prescriptions, check pills, learn about different medications and doses, and be able to understand the subtleties of new medical advances in the market. It’s also a great career investment. Whether you attend a school like Boston University or Maryville University, a pharmacy major is a great way to get you on a solid career path.

Nutrition and Food Science

Nutrition and food science, as a major, will give you insight about how the way we eat and think about food affects our physical and mental health. You’ll learn about the impact of certain foods on our bodies and on the environment and you’ll learn about the warning signs of impending diet-related health conditions. Studying nutrition not only leaves the door open for a career as a dietician or nutritionist, it allows you to take part in studies that will allow healthcare professionals to diagnose, treat, and prevent diet-related problems and illnesses.

Health Promotion

Health promotion is a community-oriented major with many exciting real-world applications. As a health promoter and educator, you’ll be working within communities to spread awareness about known health threats (usually caused by social habits, like smoking) and encourage personal safety and public health. From sex education to smoking and drug prevention programs to community awareness events, you’ll be spreading knowledge of safer health practices to communities who might not otherwise have access to that information.


Working as an EMT is a high-stress job that requires extreme dedication and coordination. It also involves showing up to emergency situations, assessing physical issues, and saving lives. This job comes with a high level of responsibility and is far from easy, but it also allows you to attend to the community in a hands-on, fully engaged way. Majoring in EMT/Paramedics will involve studying everything from basic anatomy to childbirth to bleeding control. As an EMT, you’ll have to be prepared for anything and everything.



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