3 Ways To Practice Holistic Self-Care  

If you are feeling tired and run-down in this modern age, you might consider a return to form through holistic medicine. Centered in the individual’s well-being and spanning not only physical, but emotional and spiritual health, the holistic philosophy has long emphasized a happy homeostasis, or a well-balanced life. Below are just 3 areas in which you can incorporate holistic methods in your own life.

Combating Anxiety

Tension and anxiety can naturally be released by several breathing techniques. One method involves the use of the pinky and thumb of one hand. Simply press your thumb over one nostril and inhale slowly and deeply through the free nostril. Fully exhale with an open mouth and repeat the process, this time holding your pinky finger over the opposite nostril. Continue alternating between your thumb and pinky. 

Removing Tension

chiropractic massage Hillsboro OR can be scheduled regularly as part of a tune-up for your body. Through bad posture habits, injury, or constant stress or tension, your spinal system might find itself out of alignment, causing pain or discomfort. When manipulated back into place, your body can experience increased mobility, decreased inflammation as your body heals itself, and a relaxation of nerves. 

Eating Mindfully

When you begin to think of food as medicine, you can nourish your body from the inside-out. Achieve a healthy balance and sense of well-being from within by sourcing your diet from fresh, whole foods whenever possible. Eating this way will not only decrease the amount of processed ingredients interacting with your system, but also increase the amount of nutrient-dense matter feeding your body.

Practicing self-care means taking the reigns of your own well-being. Having the innate awareness of your individual needs is just as tantamount to your health as making the time and effort to address them. Try tackling one of these areas today as a first step in your journey to optimal health.

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