Teeth Cleaning: What You Should Know Before You Go

If it’s been many years since you’ve seen a dentist, you’re going for the first time, or you’re seeing a new dentist, you want to be prepared for the visit to ensure you get the most out of your appointment. Here are just a few things you should know before you go in for teeth cleaning.

Dentists Need to Know

When you arrive for your first dental visit, your dentist is going to ask a lot of questions. Although some may pertain to your medical history, your lifestyle, and your habits, your dentist isn’t prying. Dental professionals need to ask these questions in order to treat you properly.

Whether you’ve been a smoker, you have a family history of diabetes, or you drink a lot of soda, your history and habits can affect your oral health and impact diagnosis and treatment. If you want the best possible dental care, it’s important to be upfront with your dentist.

What Does Cleaning Entail?

Although every appointment will differ slightly, depending on your oral health, there are a few things you can generally expect during a teeth cleaning. After your initial visit, your dentist or hygienist will ask about any changes to your health history. In most cases, they’ll perform an oral cancer screening, as well.

Next your teeth will be cleaned and polished. Dentists may run other tests regularly, such as depth tests to check for receding gum lines. You will probably have to take x-rays to look for issues that cannot be seen by the naked eye, although this might not happen during every visit. Finally, your dentist will discuss any issues you might be having and offer options for treatment.

At-Home Habits are Important

Do you brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash after every meal? Do you get plenty of calcium in your diet to keep bones (including teeth) strong? Do you hydrate adequately and avoid substances like sugar and tobacco products that can harm your oral health?

Okay, we’re not all paragons of virtue, but you need to know that your habits and your oral health routine can make a big difference when it comes to what you can expect from your dental cleaning. In some cases, heredity can play a role in oral health, but if you take great care of your teeth, there’s a good chance your dental visits will go more smoothly.

Damage Can Be Undone

If you’re not great about keeping up with your oral hygiene or your oral health has been impacted by poor diet, bad habits, illness, or medications, you should know that all hope is not lost. Even if you’re suffering serious issues like gingivitis, periodontitis, or tooth loss, there are options to regain good oral health and repair damage.

Your dentist can create a treatment regimen designed to improve overall oral health, and a reputable cosmetic dentist in Raleigh NC can offer options for replacing lost teeth or hiding damage like staining or misalignment with veneers, just for example. You can have the beautiful, healthy smile you crave when you practice proper oral care, visit your dentist for frequent cleanings, and explore treatment options.

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